The Ministry of Power (MoP), Govt. of India (GoI), has introduced R-APDRP Scheme during 11th Five Year Plan as a Central Sector Scheme. The Power Finance Corporation (PFC) has been made Nodal Agency to implement the programme under the guidance of MoP. This scheme is proposed to cover urban areas; towns with population of more than 30,000 (as per 2001 cencus) and accordingly 32 such towns have been sanctioned in the area of jurisdiction of the Central Discom. The scheme shall be taken in two parts:
R-APDRP (Part A)
Part A has provision for establishment of reliable and automated system for collection of accurate base line data and IT applications for energy accounting / auditing and IT based consumer service centre. For implementation of Part A, funds are provided through loan for the works within the scope of scheme from the GoI on the terms decided by MoF. The loan shall be converted into grant once the establishment of required system is achieved within three years from the date of sanction of project. Works to be undertaken under Part A includes:Consumer Indexing GIS Mapping Asset Mapping of the entire distribution network at and below 11KV transformers and includes the Distribution Transformers and Feeders, Low Tension Lines, poles and other distribution network requirement.Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) on Distribution Transformers and Feeders Automatic Data Logging for all Distribution Transformers & Feeders Adoption of IT applications for meter reading, billing & collection; energy accounting & auditing.M/s Tata Consultancy Limited has been appointed as ITIA for this scheme.
Under Part B, emphasis is given on system strengthening through capacity augmentation and renovation & modernization of the system. For implementation of Part B initially 25% fund for the project shall be provided through loan from GoI and the balance fund shall be raised from financial institution. If the company achieves the target of 15% AT&C loss on a sustained basis for a period of 5 years in the project area and the project is completed within the time schedule i.e. 5 years upto 50% loan against Part B will be converted into grant in equal tranches for 5 years starting at the latest one year after the year in which the Part A of the project area concerned is established and verified by independent agency appointed by MoP. Accordingly, our company has submitted 32 Detailed Project Report (DPR’s) to PFC and sanction of 31 DPR’s has been received by the steering committee. In order to meet the basic objective of bringing down the AT&C losses to 15% the following works shall be undertaken under RAPDRP Part B:Set up of new 33/11KV substations along with power transformers, VCB’s, control panels, battery set, chargers and other accessories, setting up of control room and fencing of substation yard as per approved drawing.Providing additional power transformers with associated works like erection, testing and commissioning of 33KV bays along with 33 KV VCB’s and 33KV control panel in existing 33/11KV S/s.Augmentation of power transformers with associated works like erection, testing and commissioning of 33KV bays along with 33KV VCB’s and 33KV control panels.Renovation and modernization of existing 33/11KV S/s such as replacement of isolators, AB switches, lighting arrestor, insulator, bus bar, clamp etc.

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