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Madhya Kshetra-Company Profile
Madhya Pradesh Madhya Kshetra Vidyut Vitaran Company Limited (MPMKVVCL) was incorporated as a wholly owned Government Company on 31st May 2002, under the Companies Act 1956, the same has been notified vide order No. 5555/RS/4/13/2001 dated 1st July, 2002 of the Government of Madhya Pradesh. The Company undertakes the activities of distribution and retail supply in the areas covered by the Commissionaries of Bhopal, Hoshangabad, Gwalior and Chambal. The Company obtained certificate of commencement of business on 16th July 2002 from Registrar of Companies, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh, Gwalior.Subsequently vide Government of Madhya Pradesh notification No. 3679/FRS/18/13/2002 dated 31.05.2005, the Company has been provided functional autonomy with effect from 01.06.2005. The CIN Number of Company is U40109MP2002SGC015119. The Government of Madhya Pradesh vide its order no. 2671/12/13 dated 29th March, 2012 had transferred all the shares of the Company to M. P. Power Management Company Limited and subsequently our Company is now a subsidiary of M. P. Power Management Company Limited, Jabalpur.
The main objective of the company is better execution of work for achieving efficiency gain and to make company commercially viable, progressively self sustainable and less government dependent. Along with this, a balance between the quality service and logic tariff is to be maintained to safeguard the interest of consumers.
Administrative Units
The size of administrative set up is as below:-

Administrative Units (Nos)

Bhopal (Nos)

Gwalior (Nos)

Total (Nos)









Distribution Centres




The Composition of Audit Committee of Directors
The Composition of Audit Committee of Directors is as below:-
S.No Name Position
1 Dr. Sanjay Goyal, (DIN:06930704) Member
2 Shri A.C. Chakrabortti, (DIN:00015622) Member
3 Shri D.K.Thakur (DIN- 07475124) Member
4 Shri Ajay Choubey (DIN- 07623546) (Permanent Invitee)

The Composition of Business Committee of Directors
The Composition of Business Committee of Directors is as below:-
S.No Name Position
1 Dr. Sanjay Goyal Member, (DIN:06930704) Member
2 Shri Ajay Chouby,(DIN- 07623546) Member
3 Shri Rama Shankar Shrivastava,(DIN- 07523491) Member
4 Shri Neeraj Agrawal, (DIN- 03596335) Member

The Composition of Management Committee of Directors
The Composition of Management Committee of Directors is as below:-
S.No Name Position
1 Dr. Sanjay Goyal, (DIN:06930704) Mamber
2 Shri Ajay Choubey,Member,(DIN- 07623546) Member
3 Shri Neeraj Agarwal,Member,(DIN- 03596335) Member
4 Shri Rama Shankar Shrivastava,(DIN- 07523491) Member

The Composition of Corporate Social Responsibility Committee
The Corporate Social Responsibility Committee has been set up by the company as per the provisions of the New Companies Act ,2013. The members of the Committee are:
S.No Name Position
1 Dr. Sanjay Goyal, (DIN: 06930704) Member
2 Shri Ajay Choubey Member (DIN- 07623546) Member
3 Shri D.K. Thakur,Member(DIN- 07475124) Member

The Composition of Nomination and Remuneration Committee
The Nomination and Remuneration Committee of the Board of Directors of the company comprising the following Directors:
S.No Name Position
1 Shri A.C. Chakrabortti (DIN:00015622) Chairman
2 Shri Neeraj Agarwal, (DIN- 03596335) Member
3 Shri D.K. Thakur,(DIN- 07475124) Member

Terms and Conditions Regarding Appointment Of Independent Director
1. According to Article 58 (c) of the Articles of Association of the Company, there shall be three Independent Directors of the Company.
2. As per Article 58 (i), the Independent Directors appointed under clause (g) shall be appointed for duration of not more than 3 years and he/she shall be eligible for re-appointment if the Selection Committee under Clause 58 (g) considers such reappointments conducive to the interest of the Company.
In addition to above, following eminent persons are Permanent Invitees to the meeting of the Board of Directors:-
S.No. Name Designation Address Phone No. Fax No.
1 Shri Jaideep Prasad IG Police, Bhopal Old Secretariat, Bhopal   0755-2677407
2 Shri Ravi Kumar Gupta IG Police, Hoshangabad Hoshangabad   07574-250123
3 Shri M.K. Agarwal Commissioner, Chambal Division A.B. Road, Morena   0753-2233970
4 Shri Anshuman Yadav IG Police, Gwalior Motimahal, Gwalior 0751-2445201 0751-2445203
5 Shri Santosh Singh IG Police, Chambal  - 0751-2445206 0751-2445252, 0751-2445201
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