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Madhya Kshetra-CMD's Message

"Madhya Pradesh Madhya Kshetra Vidyut Vitaran Company Limited has turned in a commendable performance on all key performance parameters. I would like to congratulate the entire team of employees for commendable task they have performed during the year which requires considerable amount of imagination, hard work and concentration. Achieving such results by the efforts put in by team has perhaps formed a good indicator for future advancement.I am privileged to be leading the company in whom you have reposed faith and trust with a long term view despite various challenges the energy sector is facing. Because of your prolonged faith and trust, we have been thoughtful to accomplish higher goals.

The Company continued to focus on increasing the revenue from operations which is increased by Rs. 1870.41 Crores as compared to last year because of higher energy sales.
Company has implemented policies related to issue of payment channels- Payment through PayTM , payment through MP Online Portal, payment of electricity bill through Common Service Centre and establishment of Customer Care Center(CCC) related to consumers and consumer grievances.
The automatic meter reading of 2106 HT consumers and 7155 high value LT consumers reading is being done through GSM communication technology. In the FY 16-17, additional revenue of Rs.85 Lacs in case of HT consumers and LT consumers have been recovered on account of AMR practice. Vigilance activities have resulted in the realization of Rs. 55.14 Crore.
To ensure efficient monitoring and time bound replacement of failed transformers, SMS based transformer complaint and replacement system had been implemented in urban/rural areas of the company and all failed distribution transformers during the year were replaced through SMS system.
The company aims to ensure fair employment practices, which recognize and uphold human resource as an important asset. The company works within the legal framework to foster a good working environment conducive of meeting organizational objectives and helping people to excel in their respective roles. Our purpose is to ensure fairness, transparency consistency and nurture the relationship between the company and its customers."
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