Madhya Kshetra-Tips On Power Usage
There are seven ways anybody can save energy which makes sense. Energy is a resource that shouldn't be wasted, and using less will benefit us all. Here are some simple things you can do to get started with smart energy practices.

1. Switch to CFLs Switching the lights in your home, including your outdoor lights, to compact fluorescent lights (CFLs).

2. Turn off lights Turn off the appliances, electronics and lights when you leave a room.

3. Install power bars Installing power bars makes it easy to turn off multiple appliances and electronics.

4. Turn down the thermostat Turn your thermostat down when you go to bed or leave the house, or install a programmable thermostat that will do it automatically.

5. Switch to cold water Washing clothes? Switch to cold water.

6. Unplug your second fridge Unplug your second fridge when it's not in use.

7. Use a clothesline The sun makes a great dryer.

Tips for Domestic & Commerical Light & Fan Consumers

1. Make use of daylight and natural ventilation to maximum and avoid to use bulbs or tube lights during daytime.

2. Switch off light and fans if not in use. Reduce high wattage bulbs where less light is needed.

3. Avoid unnecessary decoration of lights.

4. In a vacant house, limit the use of electricity as per minimum requirement.

5. Switch on or off the streetlights in proper time.

6. Buy the electrical equipments, which use less electricity and are energy efficient.

7. In air conditioned buildings and houses, keep the doors and windows close to save electricity. Clean A.C. filter regularly.

8. Use electronic regulators in fans, use 36-watt thin tube light instead of 40-watt tube light.

9. Use fluorescent lights in place of bulb to reduce consumption of electricity.

10. Use standard pins to tap supply from plug points. Avoid tapping supply by inserting bare wires.

11. Do not use lamp fittings to tie wires or ropes to dry cloths.

12. Replace fuse bulb after switch is off.

13. Defrost the fridge once ice gets more then ¼" thick. Regular defrosting reduces power consumption. Place the fridge with its coils at distance from wall so that the coils can have sufficient space to breathe. Do place the refrigerator near any heat source.

14. Use of light colour on walls reduces lighting requirement.

15. Make home safe for children against electrical hazards. Install plastic protective caps on plug points.

16. Electricity and water can be a deadly combination. Always remember that water and electricity should never mix.

Tips For Agricultural Consumers

1. Use foot valves of less resistance in tube well to reduce the consumption of electricity.

2. To avoid damage of bearings try to keep motor and pump in a straight line. This will reduce wastage of energy.

3. Use good quality PVC suction pipe to save energy.

4. Use appropriate pump sets, keeping in mind the height and capacity of pipe.

5. To improve the power factor and voltage use shunt capacitor withmotor.This will also save the electricity.

Tips For Industrial Consumers

1. Energy is lost by belts. Minimize the use of belts.

2. Keep the motor near load.

3. To improve power factor and so the voltage, use shunt capacitors with motor.This will also reduce the consumption of electricity.

4. The damaged bearings waste energy, change them immediately.

5. Use motors with good capacity and size.

6. Use one motor of appropriate capacity for one work.

7. Avoid loading of vehicles like trucks beyond the permissible height.This may cause electrical accident due to coming of vehicle in contact with electrical lines.

8. Don't mount or tie advertisement boards,flags etc on electric poles.

9. Place Men working sign boards on all switches before start working.

10. Place rubber mats in front of electrical switchboard.

11. Keep the fire extinguisher is good condition. Check them periodically.
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