Madhya Kshetra-First Aid
Electrical Shock Survival Remember...Electric shock may stun and stop the victim's breathing. Delay inrescue and resuscitation may be fatal.Isolate the electricity Low voltage(240/415): Immediately switch off the electricity. If this is not practicable, pull or push the casualty clear of the electrical contact using drynon-conducting material (wood, rope, clothing, plastic or rubber). Do not usemetal or anything moist.High Voltage: Wait until the electricity is turned off.After rescue, if the patient is not breathing, commence artificial respiration immediately and continue without interruption for hours if necessary. When assistance is available, send for a doctor and an ambulance.Artificial respiration.

The air we breathe out contains ample oxygen to sustain life. Lay the patient on their back. If this is not possible, commence artificial respiration where the patient is.Revival of children Care must be exercised to avoid over inflation. This can damage the child's lungs and will lead to inflation of the stomach.Action plan: The information provided in this section is based on the action plan "DRABC".In an emergency, it is necessary to have an action plan, one that will work every time, regardless of the type of incident. The action plan is called DRABC. Each letter of the DRABC plan stands for something the rescuer must do and the order in which it must be done.

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